Sunday, 3 April 2011

Thing That Is Good #1 - Arrested Development.

When starting a blog about the very best of anything the Universe has to offer, it feels appropriate to start with one of Mankind's greatest achievements.

Arrested Development is the story of the Bluth family, but other than that, I'm giving no plot points away. It'd be criminal to deny you the fun of seeing the story unfold. Simultaneously one of the smartest and silliest sitcoms ever made, it enjoyed three seasons and fifty-three episodes packed full of jokes ranging from immensely obvious to devilishly subtle, callbacks to its stars previous work, meta-references to itself, and believe it or not, casual incest (possibly). It ran from 2003-2006 until it was cancelled by, who else, but Fox.

I can guarantee that should you watch this show, you will not be disappointed. And then you'll watch it again. And again. And I can also guarantee that you'll still be picking up visual gags and in-jokes that you missed on previous viewings. 

Go! Go now to wherever you normally find audio-visual entertainment and pick up this series. I cannot possibly impress how much you owe it to yourself to witness the very pinnacle of comedy television.

***Warning - Nothing else will seem as good after viewing Arrested Development*** 

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  1. I've never actually watched this, but I'll give it a shot.